cerasonar 6560x4 sub

Subwoofer to combine with all cerasonar sound panels. Qualified for wet and dry masonry walls with a substructure spacing of 62.5 cm and inside depth of 10 cm. The use of high-pass filters with the full-range panels relieve these from low frequencies in order to allow the 6560×4 sub to reproduce the bass with a higher maximum volume.


Cerasonar Flyer
Datasheets and installing

Installation options

– Dry Wall 1- or 2-layer of 12,5mm GK
– Solidwall with 6560x mounting frame


Technical specifications

Power rating: 200 Watt
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency range: 40 – 200 Hz
Dispersion range: hemispherical
Sensitivity: 84 dB 1 W/1 m
Dimensions: 65 x 60 cm
Installation cutout: 55 x 50 cm
Overall depth: 10,5 cm
Weight: 7,2 Kg

Application areas

Multiroom audio
Surround systems
Conference and media rooms
Exhibitions, trade fairs, museums
Gastronomy, hotels, spas
Stores, sales rooms, POS