Professional application of invisible speakers

Cerasonar opens up completely new and individual freedoms in the design of sound and indoor furnishing: the sound panels are flexibly adaptable to personal requirements and individual conditions. Due to the powerful hi-fi sound, cerasonar is also ideally applicable in the business area or public spaces – for example at conferences, presentations, exhibitions and trade fairs, in reception areas and in the gastronomy. cerasonar can even be implemented optimally in hospitals, surgeries, laboratories and other medical facilities or hygienically sensitive areas, as well as in damp spaces such as bathrooms, swimming pools and wellness spas.


  • Konferenzenkonferenzkirche
  • Medienräume
  • Ausstellung
  • Messen
  • Museen
  • Gastronomie
  • Hotel
  • Wellness
  • SPA
  • Läden
  • Verkaufsräume
  • POS