Invisible speakers from cerasonar

Everyone who encounters the invisible speaker matter, comes up with different ideas, questions but also experiences.

We want to equally address building owners and music lovers, architects and installing retailers when it comes to answer any question that may arise. All questions in the right paragraph are already answered in the FAQ section.


1. Can I retrofit the panels to my living room, TV room, bathroom, etc.?

2. Who is able to plan the installation and connection, and what kind of work has to be done?

3. Does the operation provoke cracks in the wall’s surface?

4. Does the music playback disturbe the neighbours?

5. I’ve already listened to invisible flat-panel speakers – they don’t sound that good!

6. How many speaker units do I need for which kind of room resp. room size?

7. What happens if the panels get destroyed or defective? What about the warranty?