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One day, all new buildings might be constructed with audio in mind – in which case the in-wall and in-ceiling units from Germany’s Ceratec will fit the bill. Meanwhile they are retro-fit and create the ‘invisible speaker’, being able to accommodate 3mm of plaster and decoration to blend seamlessly into the surface. Demonstrated by the company’s Constantin Ranke using Preußens Gloria they certainly sounded impressive while not being noticeable.

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Cerasonar Product Drawings 2018

Cerasonar Product Drawings 2018

Including the following products:

  • Cerasonar 1520 retrofit
  • Cerasonar 2525 retrofit
  • Cerasonar 4050 concept
  • Cerasonar 4062 concept
  • Cerasonar 6062 concept
  • Cerasonar 6062 concept sub
  • Cerasonar 4050 reference
  • Cerasonar 4062 reference
  • Cerasonar 6062 reference
  • Cerasonar 9062 reference sub

2D drawings in .DWG and 3D drawings in .EPRT
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Visually imperceptible loudspeaker panels with great sound characteristics

Finally, there is only sound in the room, without those big black speakers that we all know from teenage bedrooms or parents’ living rooms of the old days – thanks to Ceratec the good sound has come of age: Cerasonar offers first-class sound performance with invisible in-house manufactured sound transducers enriched with tradition and spirit.

The quest for perfection has been written into the genes of Ceratec: Decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality transducers enable it to create exceptional DML sound panels for a living environment full of music without visible speakers.

For example, “he” is delighted by perfect sound, while “she” is in favour of unspoiled spatial aesthetics. Together they enjoy high-quality music or home cinema sound in their own four walls as well as the boss experiences it in his company’s meeting and presentation rooms.

Cerasonar is Ceratec’s entirely invisible loudspeaker technology, whose excellent playback qualities fascinate discerning music lovers anywhere in the room, thanks to its unique technical features – while offering incomparably simple and thus cost-effective room installation at the same time.

Even multi-room installations are thus easy to implement and when panels are integrated into suspended ceilings, the position of the speakers remains changeable, the floor plan design flexible and the sound quality impressive even in spartanly furnished meeting and exhibition rooms.

The product range comprises three basic lines, customized for a wide variety of requirements: Retrofit is ideal for subsequent installation, Concept is suitable as a beginner’s series even for wet rooms and Reference offers an unbelievable sound unexpected from invisible speakers – with immense level consistency at high playback volumes and rich bass thanks to a subwoofer.

Several installation videos show the ease of installation, the process takes no longer than half an hour. After that you can enjoy the freedom of invisible speakers.

6062 concept sub | 4050 concept
2525 retrofit | 4062 concept | 9062 reference sub | 6062 concept | 1520 retrofit

2018 Ceratec catalogue : cerasonar.com/2018-ceratec-catalogue