Invisible speakers are ideal for the kitchen


The live-in kitchen has grown to the open domain of modern floor plan design.

Friends – Enjoyment – Communication – Party
Besides the beautiful kitchen one likes to show, and the good food it brings out, there is also need for music when it’s about good mood and party. Kitchen radios that used to be freestanding or attached to a wall cupboard are nowadays replaced in a smart home by centrally controlled music systems and built-in speakers.

In an open living domain connected to the living room or terrace/garden area, the same music is playing. This party mode can be extended throughout the house or habitat depending on the number of multiroom audio zones.

Hygiene in the kitchen

As part of the suspended ceiling or wall, vapours from cooking or braising can do it no harm. The even dispersion always provides a perfect sound for the hobby chefs despite permanently moving between the different points of preparation.

Der Cerasonar 6060 x2 wird während der Umbau / Neubauphase in Wand oder Decke integriert. Für die nachträgliche Installation ist der Installationsaufwand höher. Gerade für diese Anwendung, eignet sich unser kleinstes Modell bestens – der 1520 x1.