Information for retailers

With the cerasonar products we offer the installing dealers highly musical speakers that already sound great on simple amplifiers. We provide our professional support in planning for every construction project. It is the individual circumstances in particular that should be re-evaluated for every construction project, in order to influence a durable and well-sounding outcome. Upon request we happily put our specialist engineers at your disposal also on your construction site.

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Practical example

How many speaker units do I need for which kind of room resp. room size? This small selection of recommended speaker models is always depending on the individual evaluation of the particular location and the intended purpose, but nevertheless can be used as a reference to help with the first planning.

Living room:
2 x cerasonar 6060×2 or 3060×2 per 15-25 sqm
2 x cerasonar 6060plus per 20-30 sqm

Dining room:
2 x cerasonar 6060×2 or 3060×2 per 15-30 sqm

1 x cerasonar 6060×2 or 3060×2 per 15 sqm

2 x cerasonar 3060×1 per 15 sqm
2 x cerasonar 1520×1 per 10 sqm

Home theater:
2 x cerasonar 6060plus per 10 sqm
1 x cerasonar 6560×4 subwoofer per 10 sqm

1 x cerasonar 6060×2 or 3060×2 per 15 sqm
1 x cerasonar 9040×4 or 6060plus per 30 sqm

Conference room:
2x Cerasonar 9060×4 per 30 sqm
2x Cerasonar 6060plus per 30 sqm

We recommend the use of our invisible subwoofer 6560×4, even if in some cases this seems unnecessary (e.g. quiet background music, lobby, dining room, etc.). For home theater application as well as for dynamic music reproduction, the installation of the subwoofer is mandatory.

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