cerasonar 6062 reference

Our reference line is equipped with the new XT6000 exciter driver. The Cerasonar 6062 reference invisible speaker delivers very high SPL levels and the MCC system flattens the frequency response. The speaker can be used in large sized rooms. Qualified for dry walls and suspended ceilings with a substructure spacing of 62.5 cm (24″). Suitable as a multiroom, surround or stereo speaker.

Installation video


Cerasonar Flyer
Datasheets and installing

Installation options

– Drywall 1- or 2-layer of 12,5mm gypsum board
– Achievable surface quality Q3 / Q4
– Backbox as option available
– Mounting frame for solid walls as option available
– Protection unit as option available

Technical specifications

Power rating: 100 w * (200 w ** ) / 2 x 50 w ***
Impedance: 8 ohms / 2x 4 ohms ***
Frequency range: 60 – 18.000 hz *
Dispersion range: 180° x 180° h./v.
max SPL: 111 db 1 w/1 m
Dimensions: 60 x 62 cm
Installation cutout: 50 x 52 cm
Overall depth: 5,6 cm
Weight: 3,0 kg

Application areas

Multiroom audio
Surround systems
Conference and media rooms
Exhibitions, trade fairs, museums
Gastronomy, hotels, spas
Stores, sales rooms, POS

* Power rating as per application of  a high-pass filter. No electronic low-frequency boost must be used. Resulting damage from mechanical overload are excluded from the warranty.

** Max. pulse power rating. The load capacity can be increased when operated via electronic high-pass filters of an AV receiver (min. 150 Hz / 12 dB) and speaker size set to „small“ or in conjunction with a multiroom amplifier with respective equalization adjustment options.

*** Single-Stereo – this term expresses a special configuration mode of the speaker, which then is connected simultaneously to the left and right amplifier channels. This is useful in long corridors or small spaces such as restrooms in which no stereo base is audible.