cerasonar 2525 retrofit

Small-sized sound panel for small rooms. Ideal for retrofitting as multiroom or surround speaker. Qualified for single drywalls and supended ceilings. Ideal size of the installation location requires min. 60 x 60 cm of clearance to the adjacent profiles of the substructure. In full-range mode this allows for a full frequency response.

Installation video



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Datasheets and installing

Installation options

– Drywall 1-layer of 12,5mm plasterboard
– Achievable surface quality Q3 / Q4
– Protection unit as option available

Technical specifications

Power rating: 50 w * (100 w ** )
Impedance: 4 ohm
Frequency range: 100 – 18.000 hz *
Dispersion range: 180° x 180° h./v.
max SPL: 97 db 1 w/1 m
Dimensions: 25 x 27,5 cm
Installation cutout: 25 x 25 cm
Overall depth: 4,5 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg

Application areas

Multiroom audio
Surround systems
Conference and media rooms
Exhibitions, trade fairs, museums
Gastronomy, hotels, spas
Stores, sales rooms, POS

* Power rating as per application of  a high-pass filter. No electronic low-frequency boost must be used. Resulting damage from mechanical overload are excluded from the warranty.

** Max. pulse power rating. The load capacity can be increased when operated via electronic high-pass filters of an AV receiver (min. 150 Hz / 12 dB) and speaker size set to „small“ or in conjunction with a multiroom amplifier with respective equalization adjustment options.