Music in the bathroom, spa, swimming pool and wellness area


Whether for refreshment, relaxation or for cleaning, we want to feel comfortable in our bathroom. From the fashionable and modern shower room up to the opulent designed private wellness temple, people always have different tastes and demands. Beautiful tiles, high-quality ceramic objects and fashionable fittings play an important role. A music lover at least has a shower radio added to the equipment. The desire for music uses built-in speakers to bring even more atmosphere to the bathroom. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers in conjunction with a multiroom audio system provide better sound and more comfort. Besides the bathroom, also sauna, fitness and pool areas benefit from a multiroom audio solution for an optimal deployment of music. The desire for media enjoyment even involves waterproof-TVs to accompany the recreation process in the bathtub.

It takes only a few steps to install the speaker. The installation images show the version from the pilot series in a not-filled state. The diaphragm of the current model is furnished with a bonding agent and is suitable for Q4 surface qualities, as it is standard with our bigger models.

cerasonar-1520-x1-unsichtbarer-lautsprecherfrontThe 1520 x1 superbly qualifies for installation in small spaces, such as bathrooms, toilets and spa areas. However, it can also be applied as an invisible source of music in the kitchen or bedroom.

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Soundcheck cerasonar 1520×1 im Badezimmer

„Nun nur noch glatt verschleifen, neue Farbe an die Decke im Dachschrägen Bereich > fertig!“